Haik Varossian


In field of architecture the most important thing is visualizing, that’s why when you will start a project for first you will start to creating a 2d map of your design, second step is to create a 3d model of your design because you want to see how its look like, but your 3d Model is a virtual object, and in the third step you are going to create a maquette of your 3d design because you want to visualize it in your environment, and show that to your costumer. and also all of these process are time and money consuming. And any kind of change that you will make for your design, you going to making a maquette again. So the process of rebuilding is time and money consuming.

By using Augmented reality and Triple- E Platform your visualizing progress is getting much faster and easier and also your potential client visualize your idea and you can increase your effectivity percentage of your marketing and sales plan. You can visualize your design with just 3 simple steps :

  • Create you design as a 3d object,
  • Give your design and the thing that want to put on that,
  • Scan your map/catalog with Triple-E App and that’s it you will reach to an amazing and stable Augmented Reality experience.