Haik Varossian


At general in industry we want to create something that needs to be visualize before we actually make it.

And there are lots of company that providing the engineering of a product and these stuff for making something from idea to a prototype and at last an actual market fit product.

So in process of making a physical product (Mostly industrial engineering) there is prototype making process that is for understanding the mistakes of what you have created to fix them and create a new one until it becomes an actual perfect product.

By using the Augmented reality technology basically, you can visualize your industrial design in real environment and real size that is how you can use your time more effective by just integrating your 3d design into your Triple-E Account and visualizing using the platform app.

And also after you have lunch your product you can have an Augmented reality user manual on an existing industrial product that makes easier to understand how to use your product