Marketing – Advertising

Haik Varossian

Marketing – Advertising:

What is the purpose of marketing and advertising in world of business?

The purpose is to promoting a product or a service for increasing the income rate for that company.

So what are the channels that we have for advertisement:

  • Social Medias,
  • Banners and Posters,
  • Journals and magazines,
  • TV Channels,
  • Catalogs,
  • And PR Campinas.

So here is the case that a good marketing and advertising team will combine all of these channels for getting the response.

but here is the thing that with digitalizing the data around the world, Catalogs magazine and journals are not so interesting any more but still the printing industry for magazines and journals and even catalog for companies is working.

By using Augmented Reality technology and integrating our Marketing/ advertising plan trough this technology we can have more response from our advertisements channels or evet we can have some AR content on existing product that is already saling around the world and having an AR content on an existing product or on journal or a magazine can make people more interested and as result we are having better response from our advertisement and marketing plan and we also increased our engagement range with our target group of customers.