Haik Varossian


Human vision is the first channel of understanding something.

Always in education we are having a problem of misunderstanding, because mostly student cannot have a clear picture of the educational material, till the moment that you will show him an example for the study case and that is spark moment in the student’s head.

So by using Augmented Reality in education industry we are going to have some benefit such as:

We can really make book fun and attract children to study more.

We are going to save the teacher’s time by visualizing the topic of teaching so the teacher do not have to create 4-5 example as an abstract concept to make the students to understands the topic.

When the student will see something in his real environment and also he is goanna be able to interact with that, he will understand better and more in shorter time. And at general the learning rate of each student is going to be higher and higher and the performance of educational content and classes as well.

And for having this working basically students just need to user their smartphone (eGlasses) and aiming the phone to the book and everything else is goanna happen automatically.