About Triple-E

Triple-E Platform:

    Triple-E is an universal platform based on Augmented Reality technology. Triple-E allows regular users without any technical background to create their own AR samples on mobile just in 3 easy steps:

  1. Choose the target
  2. Choose the content
  3. Publish
The concept behind Triple-E is mostly like the concept of social platform where you can create your posts and users who follow you can see, like and share them.

Augmented Reality technology is becoming more trendy. The problems, which now exist in the sphere are a huge variety of AR apps which are made just for some specific usage and are not engaging enough and the lack of interesting content which will keep the users engaged.

In the other hand for companies it is time and money consuming to have an AR solution for their products. Triple-E is coming to solve all these problems by being an universal AR platform where both users and companies can create AR posts for fun or for commercial purposes.

So users will get a platform with tons of content and everyone can find something interesting for himself/herself. The companies will get a tool to run AR campaigns and will save their time and lots of money.