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you want to know more about us and our vision of the fuuture that we are going to make,and also a bit about our history? you can read theese article about us
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Triple-E received an international investment talked to Triple-E co-founder and CEO Aryan Behzadi and Dutch entrepreneur, Crosspring seed accelerator and incubator founder Maurice Beckand Verwee, who noted they cannot disclose the amount of the investment.

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From idea to the first success

On December 11th the venture forum of the Science, technology and Enterprise Program (STEP) was held by the Enterprise Incubator Foundation at the Innovation Solutions and Technology Center (ISTC).

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Developer of the Month: Aryan Behzadi

With a world suddenly full of augmented reality enthusiasts thanks to Pokemon Go, can we here at Qualcomm be assume there aren’t others out there wanting to create augmented reality (AR) creatures of their own?

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Iranian IT engineer makes AR software in Armenia

His startup is based in Armenia and is focused on augmented reality software. The team “realizes it cannot compete with giants on hardware”, but claims software as their strong point.

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About Triple-E

Triple-E AR Platform is to be the first social platform based on Augmented Reality. Triple-E AR Platform is providing a complex solution that will fit all the stakeholders. It will be able to replace the huge variety of AR apps that are made for specific usage in marketing, entertainment, education, art, interior design and architecture.

Market for 3D Artists

Triple-E AR Platform will have a built-in 3D store where 3D modelers can upload their 3D models (specially designed for AR) and have them for free or paid. There are several 3D stores that provide wide range of models but the 3D store dedicated to AR only is one of a kind.


Social network concept

Triple-E is to be the first social and interactive network based on augmented reality, where people can communicate with each other and with their environment by creating their own AR features over the real world. Users can create their own AR experience, share their creations, view, like and share others' creations and follow them.


Glass Version

In near future the smart phones are going to be out of date and give their place to the wearable device: the smart glasses or goggles. Our platform is already have the technology to be lunched on smart glassess. We know that in the future AR will become a neccery thing for our life and our goal is to make life easier by using the glass version of our AR platform.

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Augmented Reality Games

Video games are the most interesting games in the world, but common video games have one disadvantage: they are so virtual. What if your video games were a part of your reality? What if the video characters would just appear beside you in your room? We would love it. That’s why we are providing you augmented reality games.

AR Education

Every student knows: It’s better to see once than to read 1000 times. With augmented reality learning, you won’t only see, but you’ll experience the knowledge which your books provide by just making the information come alive!

AR Marketing

Sometimes people just don’t understand or imagine the great idea you tell them about. Show them your complete vision in detail by turning your idea into a virtual 3D product and augment your reality with it.

3D Object Recognition

We will make your phones able to recognize the objects in your real environment and give you the opportunity to overlay them with your favorite virtual 3D figures. The result will be your real environment containing virtual elements which you can see through your device!

Marker Base AR

Chose any surface as a marker, for example a paper containing a text. Make this text dynamic and interesting by augmenting it with virtual content! Scan that paper with our app and you won’t only be able to read that text, but also to see videos, pictures and models related to it! It’s an innovative and fast way of learning and having fun!

Marker Less AR

Here you don’t need any marker to scan. You can add virtual objects to your reality whenever, wherever and on which object ever you want to!

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